One of the most important constituents of our success is great people. We are dedicated to attracting and retaining extraordinary contributors. A variety of initiatives and programs offer our employees the opportunity to grow and develop their careers, be rewarded and recognized for their efforts.

Canarctic offers an excellent benefit program to our employees which includes medical, dental, and life insurance. Full details are available from our personnel department.

Canarctic Worker Responsibilities and Job Descriptions

Canarctic workers demonstrate an ability to work as part of a team, with a focus on working safely, to build and maintain relationships. Canarctic workers are able to conduct themselves in a professional manner communicating effectively with the well site supervisor and all workers on site. Canarctic workers are reliable and have strong organizational and problem solving skills. Canarctic workers demonstrate a willingness to undertake responsibilities and duties with a high regard for quality. Canarctic workers conduct themselves in accordance with the Canarctic Health and Safety Program, federal law, provincial law and Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

Worker Skills

Canarctic workers are mechanically inclined and able to operate, or demonstrate a willingness to learn, safe procedures for all types of vehicles, equipment and hydraulic systems. Canarctic workers will be able to safely operate equipment required to complete the job. These skills are a requirement of employment, or may be taught, as part of the Canarctic On-the-Job training program. Canarctic workers have a minimum of six months oil and gas or related experience.

Worker Responsibilities

  • Service and maintain trucks, equipment and all running tools
  • Inspect vehicle and equipment pre and post job, ensure readiness for next job. Notify supervisor of any defective equipment
  • Conduct and actively participate in safety meetings
  • Identify, evaluate and control hazards
  • Complete all inspections as scheduled· Help with shop or yard duties as requested
  • Assist with training of new employees as well as participate in additional training as required
  • Report for work during all types of weather conditions
  • Maintain all required tickets and certifications
  • Determine required equipment for job
  • Report all injuries or near misses to supervisor immediately

Canarctic Job Descriptions

The following is list of additional jobs and descriptions for Canarctic workers, it is important to note that any of these descriptions and requirements can change based on operational necessity:

Power Tong Operator:

A power tong operator for Canarctic, runs casing of various sizes for drilling and service rigs. This position requires preparation of equipment, driving to rig site and running casing and other tubular products into the well. The power tong operator is responsible to conduct onsite safety meetings, communicate with well site supervisor and the entire rig crew.

Computer Operator:

A computer operator will monitor the torque for drilling and service rigs. The computer operator prepares equipment required and drives to the rig location. At the rig site the computer operator sets up the computer and cables onto the power tong on the rig floor. All of the threaded connections are graphed and it is up to the computer operator to accept or reject the connection by understanding the graph from the power tong. The computer operator will participate or lead the safety meeting and effectively communicate with the well site supervisor and the entire casing running crew.

Casing Cleaner:

The casing cleaning crew will clean threads of premium casing in order to ensure proper make-up of casing connections. This crew will prepare their equipment and drive to the rig location. At location they will verify the specifications of the pipe to be cleaned by checking in with the well site supervisor. The cleaning crew will observe for hazards and conduct a prejob safety meeting. Cleaning crew know how to maintain and run a power thread washer. The crew will visually inspect the casing threads, drift the casing to confirm internal diameter with appropriate sized drifts and set aside any damaged casings for recuts. The cleaning crew will review their findings with the well site supervisor.